Tow Truck Newcastle


Crashed Sports Car being towed in Newcastle
If you have been involved in an accident, you can rely on Trade & General Towing to provide a quick response, from Newcastle to Maitland.

Our tow truck drivers have extensive experience when it comes to attending accident scenes and know how to safely load your vehicle and transport it out of harms way.

Put Your Safety First

Getting into a car accident, even a relatively minor one, can be stressful and scary.

Even if it wasn’t your fault, maybe your car is damaged and won’t start. Maybe it simply isn’t safe to drive it away from the scene.

No matter what’s going on, we’ll come load your car and safely get it to your home or the repair shop, helping take some of the stress out of an accident.

You can rely on Trade & General Towing to provide a quick response in the Newcastle, LakeMacquarie, Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace and Maitland areas.

Emergency Accident Towing in Newcastle

We are available 24 hours, every day of the year to assist with accident towing. Trade & General Towing even have a dual-cab tow truck with room for six passengers, so you won't be stranded waiting for a lift.

Trade & General Towing are authorised towing contractors for all major insurance companies.

All vehicles involved in an accident at night, on weekends, or during any time when you are unable to contact your insurer, can be transported to our depot. It can then be stored for safe keeping until your preferred repairer is open.

Any vehicle towed to our depot is secured inside the premises, a secure, flood-lit warehouse with 24-hour back to base alarm systems and CCTV surveillance cameras.