When you have had a car accident, you may find yourself stranded at the side of the road waiting for a tow truck in Maitland.

If you have had to call up the police or exchange details, then you may have overlooked your car in the immediate aftermath, but now you need to sit and wait for Trade and General Towing to arrive.

In the meantime, there are some things that you can do.

Make sure you and your car safe

It is quite rare that you conveniently break down near an emergency lane, or in the middle of the field. Most likely, you have had an accident or had engine failure while driving down the road.  

Your first priority therefore should be to make sure that your car is not blocking the road and is in fact a safe distance away from the traffic.

You should also make sure to step away from your car and keep a safe distance in case anything should occur.

Reach out to your insurer

Now you should reach out to your insurance company and ask them what costs they will cover.

You might be able to get them to completely cover the price of your Trade and General Towing recovery.

It is important that you discuss your needs with your insurance company before you do anything else.

Confirm a reliable tow service

Is important that you reach out to a towing service that is reliable.

Your tow driver should have a licence, which will prove that they are a legitimate business, and not there to scam you out of money or leave you stranded.

When they arrive at the scene you should check these details before allowing them to take your vehicle.

Take valuables out of the car

It is always a good idea to clear out any valuables from your car.

If your car is completely wrecked, then it could be trashed before you can get back to take out your valuables, or you could find that thieves break into the lot and steal everything of value.

Be patient on arrival

While you are waiting for your tow truck in Maitland to arrive, it is important that you are patient.

Trade and General Towing are reliable and fast, so if you have a breakdown in our local area, reach out to us through our enquiry form or by calling 02 4960 2475 now.