Many people experience an accident of some type in their lifetime and there are things you should always do after a car crash.

Once those actions are taken you might need to call a tow truck in Newcastle.

Call the experts here at Trade and General Towing to remove your vehicle and take it to a safe location.

Keep reading to find out what other important tasks you need to complete after you’ve been in an auto accident.

Move Somewhere Safe

Even if you’re not able to move your vehicle to a safe location, you need to get yourself and any passengers in your car out of harm’s way.

That means moving to the side of the road, a nearby parking lot or other safe location.

Never remain in your car as you can be further injured if the car experiences any trouble or you are hit by another automobile.

Check for Injuries

Once you’ve moved to a safe location, check everyone for injuries in your car and the other cars involved.

If anyone is seriously injured, try to move them unless necessary and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

If there are any injuries, call for an ambulance and the police so that everyone can be taken care of.

Exchange Details

The police can help you with this when they arrive on scene.

You will need to share your insurance and vehicle information with the other driver so that everything can be given to the insurance companies involved.

Things to write down include where there accident happened and when, the name, phone number, address and insurance policy information of the other driver, and name and contact information for witnesses.

If the police arrive, note down the officer on the scene and their contact information.

Take Photos

Take photos of your car and the other car involved in the accident so you have a good record of the damage.

Keep these stored safely and have them available to give to the police for your accident report and to share with your insurance company when making an accident claim.

Call a Tow Truck

Once everything else on this list is completed, call us to tow your car.

If it’s drive-able, you can relocate it yourself, but if it’s not we can get it to your house, an insurance yard or a salvage yard for you.

Need a tow truck in Newcastle?

Call us here at Trade and General Towing and we can help you get your car where it needs to go.