Here at Trade and General Towing, we specialise in both long and short distance towing in Port Stephens and beyond. We have up to date towing equipment and our truck drivers are trained and experienced in safely getting your car, truck, or motorcycle where it needs to be when you can’t get it there yourself. We operate in a wide area and are happy to provide a towing service within Port Stephens. Call us with any of the following issues and we’ll be there to assist you in no time.

You Get into a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident, even a relatively minor one, can be stressful and scary. Even if it wasn’t your fault, maybe your car is damaged and won’t start. Maybe it simply isn’t safe to drive it away from the scene. No matter what’s going on, we’ll come load your car and safely get it to your home or repair shop in Port Stephens, helping take some of the stress out of an accident.

Your Car Breaks Down or Won’t Start

Most people experience this at some time or other. You’re driving along and suddenly your car sputters and dies. Or it starts making a funny sound so you pull over it won’t start back up. We offer handy towing services that help get your car out of traffic and to the repair shop or your house so it can be fixed. It’s dangerous to keep a broken down car in traffic and it’s not safe to try to move it on your own, which is why one of our top services is towing cars that aren’t working properly.

You Need Roadside Assistance

In addition to our general towing services, we also offer roadside assistance for basic repairs in Port Stephens. That includes changing a flat tyre, filling your tank if you run out of petrol, and jump starting a dead battery. These problems are inconvenient and frustrating but calling for our local towing services will get you back on the road a lot faster. If it’s a problem we can’t fix, we’ll tow your vehicle to a local Port Stephens repair shop.

When To Call

Before you pick up your phone to call us, be sure you are in a safe place where you aren’t at risk of being hit by another automobile. If you’re in the middle of the road, calling the police can help create a barrier for your safety and ensure that other drivers can get around you.

Call Trade and General Towing right away
if you need towing services in the Port Stephens area. We’re here to help.