When you need a towing service in Newcastle, it is vital that you find someone who you can trust to help you get your vehicle to where it needs to be.

It is not always easy to spot the perfect Newcastle towing service just by calling them and asking, and in fact you may need help in deciding whether they are a good idea or not.

To make sure that you know you can trust us, Trade & General Towing is here to offer advice about finding a certified service in the area. 

Understand the rules of certification

In order to tow vehicles on Australian roads, a tow truck company has to have certified drivers.

The certificate will allow drivers to attend roadside incidents, to help police with vehicle seizures and to assist in the removal of vehicles from property.

These rules mean that when you are stuck at the side of the road, you need a certified driver to help you. 

Who can become certified?

There are also strict rules about certifying drivers.

The chosen driver must be 18+, and capable of driving and towing.

They must hold a licence for the tow truck, as well as completing application forms and paying fees to receive the certificate.

There are some competence requirements, too. 

Asking for authority

The best way to discover whether the tow driver you have called is certified is to ask them for their industry authority card.

This card is proof that they are allowed to do the job required of them, and is their certificate in a handy, easy to read form. 

Make sure they are insured

If you want to be certain that you will be safe with your tow driver, then you will also need to ask them for insurance.

If they are certified, they are easily able to get insurance for their towing vehicle, so you will be able to see that they have all of the relevant documentation for your needs. 

Trust a reliable company

If you want to make sure that you get a certified driver to help you with towing in Newcastle, then you should speak to us today.

We can help you in a broad number of situations, so contact us today online for a quote.