There is nothing more annoying than having your own home, and discovering that some stranger is using it as their personal parking spot.

It is even more frustrating if you are prevented from parking your own vehicle because of this car, or if you are being used as a convenient parking place by a commuter. Your first thought might be to call in towing services in Newcastle, but we think that you be cautious before you do this. 

Regulations regarding parking

The first thing that you will have to consider is the regulations regarding towing a vehicle from private property in NSW. The Office of Local Government in NSW described unauthorised parking as a problem in 2016, and not much has been done to help homeowners. The law, as it stands, places the onus upon the landowner and occupier of the property. 

Protecting your property

The responsibility has been given to you in NSW to protect your property, and you are required to take suitable precautions before you call in Trade and General Towing. This means installing boundary fences or gates, and making your property difficult for strangers to access. 

Calling the police

The police, in NSW, do have the power to remove abandoned vehicles, but only if they are causing a nuisance, or if they are causing an obstruction to the road itself. They will not help you to call Trade and General Towing for a car which is obstructing your driveway, for example, or that is parked tidily on your property. 

Call the local council

You may wish to discuss your needs with your local council, so that they can work with you to resolve the problem of strangers parking in your yard. They may advise you to take action to prevent the parking, including allowing you to add fencing to a restricted area. 

Owners Corporations

If the problem parking is occurring in a strata area associated with an owners’ corporation, then you and the other members may have the power to tow vehicles which are causing obstruction to the common property. However, the vehicle must not be set down in an area with restricted or limited parking. 

Get us on the case

If you are looking for towing services in Newcastle to remove a problem parker, then you can contact Trade and General Towing using our online message form or call 02-4960-2475 now.

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